Once you've purchased your new or pre-owned vehicle, you'll want to make sure it's well taken care of. The best way to accomplish this goal is to have regular service performed. Not only does routine maintenance help keep your car running as it should, but regular inspections will also ensure that nothing is wrong or will be wrong with your vehicle in the near future.

Unfortunately, there are several routine maintenance items that your Land Rover SUV will need to have performed. To help our Brentwood, TN, and Nashville area drivers, we've come up with a list of answers to some of our most frequently asked vehicle service questions.

Why is an Oil Change Important?

One of the most common routine maintenance items is the humble oil and filter change. As your Land Rover takes you wherever you'd like to go, the engine's oil is hard at work lubricating, cleaning, and cooling the interior engine parts. With use, the oil will begin to disintegrate, and the filter will become dirty. If left unchanged, the rancid oil will stop working as it should, causing a more extensive engine repair to occur.

When Should I Change My Oil?

Most oil changes should be done between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. You'll want to check your car's owner's manual to get a specific timeline for your vehicle.

When Should I Get My Brakes Checked?

While you should have your brakes inspected at every oil change, your car's brakes will also let you know when something is wrong. If you hear a loud squeal, your car shudders, your brake pedal feels spongy, or the brake light has appeared, you'll want to schedule a brake inspection right away.

When Should I Have My Battery Replaced?

Your car's battery not only keeps the electronics in your vehicle running but also helps start up your engine. If the battery loses its charge, your car won't be able to move. If you've noticed the lights are dimmer than normal, it's hard to start your SUV in the morning, or you've had to have your car jumped, you'll want to have the battery checked and maybe even replaced.

Why Does My Car Need a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotations move each tire into a different position, ensuring that even wear occurs on all four tires. Due to the way you drive, the roads you drive on, and your daily commute, not every tire wears at the same rate. To keep your car balanced and your tires in good condition, you should have your tires rotated at every oil change.

Should I Schedule a Multi-Point Inspection?

Multi-point inspections are a great way to keep track of any potential issues or concerns. During a multi-point inspection, the technician will take a closer look at your SUV, checking off an inspection list in the process. Once done, you'll receive this list with a color-coded chart. Green means that system is good to go. Yellow means it will need assistance in the future. Red means it needs service now.

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