Offering top level performance and above standard fuel efficiency, Land Rover Td6 diesel engines provide consumers with a better vehicle option. When compared to gas engines, diesel engines offer better fuel economy, improved driving capabilities and are more enviromentally friendly. See below to learn more about Land Rover Td6 diesel engines and why many drivers prefer them.


Diesel's high energy density, coupled with the efficiency of compression-ignition diesel engines, contribute to substantially better mileage over gasoline vehicles, resulting in fewer trips to the pump and reduced emissions.


Diesel fuel is one of the most efficient fuels on the planet. Less processed than traditional gasoline, diesel has a notably high energy density. Simply put, a gallon of diesel fuel goes a longer way than a gallon of most other fuels, including gasoline.


The emissions produced by diesel vehicles contain meaningfully less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons than traditional gasoline vehicle emissions.

How does diesel compare?

Td6 Diesel Engine Vs. V6 Gas Engine

+ 29% City MPG
+ 26% Highway MPG
+ 32.5% Max Torque

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