You need your brakes to keep you and your family safe. They keep you from accidents that could be especially bad. You should consider replacing your brakes often and having them inspected about every 15,000 miles. Brakes don't usually fail overnight, and there are some warning signs that you can watch out for:

The brake light is suddenly coming on. This shouldn't send you into a panic but should still be checked out at the very least it could be a faulty sensor.

Normally, you will begin to hear squeaking, squealing, grinding noises, scraping, or even feel wobbling and vibrations when you try to stop.

Leaking brake fluid doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a brake pad problem but that you have a line leaking, which is as important to get fixed.

Having a soft pedal or a burning smell when you brake is another way to tell that you need to have your brakes checked out or replaced.

Many people choose to do brakes themselves. However, because the job is tricky, you don’t want to rupture a brake line or bend a valuable part that is holding the system together, so it is a good idea to have them down by a professional, such as the service team at our dealership.

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