Suspension Service

As your vehicle ages and gets driven more and more there are things that will need some routine maintenance and repair. Your suspension is something that very often needs to be repaired over time. This is the part of your vehicle that will assist with your shocks and absorbing any impact you encounter on the road. With a lot of bumps, pot holes and construction, your suspension may begin to break down. You will know you need your suspension repaired if you notice:

  • Your vehicle does a lot of bumping around when you drive. You don't feel like your vehicle is absorbing the bumps anymore.
  • When you make a turn and you feel like your vehicle is drifting during the turn.
  • When you assess your tire treads, you notice that that tires are not wearing down at an even rate.

If you suspect there is a problem going on with your suspension, pay our service center a visit here at Land Rover Nashville.

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