Learn How to Tell if You Need New Tires

Unfortunately, many car owners pay little attention to their tires until they suffer a blowout or something worse. Your car's tires are a critical component to the performance of your vehicle. If you are driving your car with bad tires, it can hurt your gas mileage, or it can cause a sudden failure that could lead to catastrophic results.

Fortunately, it does not take any advanced automotive knowledge to know when your tires need replacing. For example, if you see cracks on the sidewalls of your tires, chances are good you need new tires. If you see any blisters or bulges anywhere on your tires, it is a sure sign they need replacing. Other signs include too much vibration or uneven wear on the center or shoulder of your tires.

Is it time to replace your car's tires? Come see one of our specialists in our service center at Land Rover of Nashville, and let us help you get the right tires for your vehicle.

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