Spotting Warning Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

Don't neglect obvious warning signs the exhaust system in your vehicle might be failing. Here are two ways to spot potential leaks before bigger issues arise.

Open the hood to your vehicle and listen closely to the engine while the car is idling. You'll hear a hissing or popping coming from the exhaust manifold if a leak is present. Listen to the tailpipe too, it might make a whistling sound when pressure issues exist with the exhaust.

Inside the cabin of your vehicle, you'll be able to feel vibrations that can tip you off to a potential exhaust system issue. Feel for these new vibrations with your hands on the steering wheel or when you place your foot on the gas pedal as your vehicle is idling.

Now is the time to get your vehicle to our service center here at Land Rover Nashville so we can discover the source of the leak before it causes additional issues.

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